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In an ideal world, employees and their employers would never exist in conflict. Workers would conduct their job responsibilities, firms would honor their employees’ rights, and everyone would benefit. While many healthy employer-employee relationships exist throughout Illinois, there are also inevitable disputes and cases of unlawful conduct.

Individual employees and small businesses can often be at the mercy of larger firms with immense, intimidating legal teams. Even if you are confident your rights are being violated, you may not feel like you have the resources to sufficiently prosecute your claims or defend yourself.

Kenny Law Firm can give you the legal support you need. We are capable of assisting both individuals and small businesses in various types of employment litigation matters. Our firm will work with you to understand your rights and legal options before developing a strategy that will get the results you need. In many situations, we can help you recover damages for injuries you have sustained.

Comprehensive Employment Litigation Services in Illinois

We can assist you across a wide array of employment legal matters. We work to resolve your conflict in an efficient and effective manner.

Our Law Firm can assist you in the following areas:

  • Non-Compete Agreement Disputes in Illinois. In an effort to prevent the loss of talent and dissemination of operational knowledge, firms will sometimes require the signing of non-compete agreements as a condition of employment. These agreements restrict a worker’s rights to seek new opportunities with competitors in the same field within a certain geographic radius for a set duration of time. Non-compete agreements are theoretically enforceable in Illinois but must be reasonable in scope. We regularly assist employees who have been accused of violating non-compete agreements and are now being sued by a former employer. Our team also works with businesses that can also be sued in connection with hiring an employee operating under a non-compete agreement.
  • Guidance on Restrictive Covenant Agreements in Chicago. In addition to non-compete agreements, companies will regularly enact other forms of restrictive covenant agreements in an effort to protect their interests. Nondisclosure and confidentiality agreements require that an employee not share proprietary information about a firm, while non-solicitation agreements mandate that employees not exploit client or customer lists for their own commercial purposes. We can assist employees that are facing legal action for allegedly violating any type of restrictive covenant agreement. We also represent businesses being sued for allegedly benefiting from restrictive covenant violations.
  • Defamation Claims and Legal Representation in Illinois. Defamatory statements cause material harm to an individual’s character and career opportunities. They can also damage a business’s reputation and ability to compete. Proving defamation in court requires meeting strict statutory standards, and as an individual employee or small business, you will likely be up against a powerful legal team. Our firm aggressively represents clients who have suffered injuries as a result of defamatory statements and leaves no stone unturned in recovering full compensation for their damages.
  • Resolving Breaches of Fiduciary Duty in Chicago. Employees at a company, partners in a business, and corporate members of a board of directors all have fiduciary duties to other participants in a business. Those that violate these fiduciary duties become liable for the damages caused to the other party. We represent employees, partners, and corporate directors who have been accused of violating fiduciary duties. Our firm can also assist small- to medium-sized businesses in pursuing legal action against bad-faith actors who have breached their duties.
  • Wrongful Termination Advocacy in Illinois. Unscrupulous employers will sometimes rely on pretexts, or false reasons, to justify dismissing someone “with cause.” These types of terminations are often retaliatory in nature and will involve defamatory conduct. We can help you assess the circumstances of your firing and the available evidence to determine if you have a case. Successful legal action can result in the restoration of your position as well as compensatory damages.
  • Illinois Biometric Privacy Act (BIPA) Compliance and Litigation. The state of Illinois maintains strict laws that aggressively regulate the collection, usage, storage, handling, and destruction of employee and customer biometric data. This can include fingerprint scans, hand scans, eye scans, face scans, or any other data tied to your unique bodily geometry. Employers operating in the state are required to make certain disclosures and obtain explicit consent in order to utilize biometric data for any purpose. If you believe your employer used your biometric data without your permission, we can help you explore your legal options.

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