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At the Kenny Law Firm, we understand that nothing can be more terrifying than losing your home, business, and personal property to a fire, especially when a valid insurance claim is denied by your insurance company.

You paid costly insurance premiums so that your homeowners or property insurance company would be there for you and your family in times like these. You expected after paying premiums that, claims for compensation and benefits would be available to you. You depended on this. But unfortunately, insurance companies sometimes fail to honor the obligations they have agreed to provide in their insurance contracts. The reality is that many people fully insured under their homeowners' policies struggle to get the money and benefits they are entitled to recover after filing a claim.

Our law firm has over 20 years of experience dealing with insurance companies and understands the tactics they employ to avoid payment. Our Chicago fire insurance claim lawyers are committed to helping people like you recover the money and benefits that you are entitled to recover in an insurance dispute.

You may have legal recourse even though money or benefits have been denied by your insurance company and they have closed their file.

Has your valid insurance claim been denied by your insurance company? Call Kenny Law Firm today at (312) 647-2483 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation with our Chicago fire insurance claim attorney.

What To Do After a Fire in Illinois

If you are on-site when a fire breaks out, the most important thing to do is to get to safety. Call your local fire department to extinguish the blaze and make sure everyone is physically safe.

If you are unable to return to your home following a fire, you may be able to request an advance on your insurance policy. In many situations, you will be able to get a prompt check that can help pay for essentials and temporary housing while you plan your next steps and prepare to complete your claim.

Once everyone is safe and relatively settled, take the time as soon as possible to create a detailed list of everything you lost in the fire. This should include every piece of property that was damaged or lost in the damaged structure, as well as the approximate value and location of each asset. This will help form the foundation for your claim and help your Public Adjuster inventory the damage to the building and your contents.

When Should I Make a Fire Home Insurance Claim?

Homeowners’ insurance policies typically require that policyholders file fire claims as soon as reasonably possible. You may have already started the process of asking for an advance, but if not, be prompt in contacting your insurance company to let them know what happened.

What Happens After You File a Claim?

Let’s assume you timely file your claim.

Your insurance company, even though the claim has not been denied, will likely launch an investigation into the cause of the fire, the extent of the damage, and the value of the claim. These investigations typically involve sworn statements and sometimes even examinations under oath of the policyholder. Without a legal professional with experience handling these types of claims advocating for your interests, and managing the flow of information, your insurance company may overreach and twist your statements into a pretext that will, later on, be used to deny you the money and benefits you are entitled to receive from your insurance company.

Insurance Companies Refusing To Pay

Sometimes the refusal to pay does not occur until after all repairs have been completed on your home. The only thing left to do, at this point, is to have your insurance company make the final payment. This payment is frequently referred to as the “depreciation holdback.” The excuse frequently given by the insurance company for not paying this amount is that the repairs were not timely completed. Your contractor, if not paid in full, will likely record a mechanics lien and cloud the legal title of your home or building, affecting your ability to sell or even refinance the property unless or until the mechanics' lien is paid and released. Essentially the insurance company gets away without paying what it had agreed to pay for the loss under the terms and conditions of your insurance policy, leaving you with a large lien on the title of your home. Our Chicago fire insurance claim attorney has experience recovering from insurance companies under these circumstances.

Are You Being Blamed For The Loss of Your Home?

Sometimes insurance companies have been known to even blame the homeowner for the loss of the home and may even hire special investigators to find reasons to justify the blame. Kenny Law Firm has access to resources which allow us to perform separate assessments, which can be used in negotiations and settlements with the insurance company, should a dispute like this arise.

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If you believe your insurance company has wrongfully delayed, denied, or undervalued your claim, our firm may be able to help you take the next step. We know how fire claims are processed in the state of Illinois and can assist you in disputes with your insurance company. Reach out to our fire insurance claim lawyer in Chicago today.

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